New Records in All Classes at Cadwell

New Records in All Classes at Cadwell

Our third round of the season saw new lap records set for all three classes, with no less than three new drivers joining our grid for two races on the challenging Lincolnshire circuit.

A majority of our Class A Boxster drivers took part in Friday testing in glorious sunny weather. Adam Southgate had a big off involving a collision with a couple of Fiestas and suffered suspension and body damage, but all was fixed and patched up with the car ready to race by Saturday morning.

Joining our grid for the first time this weekend were three new drivers. Ex-MG racer Phil Churchill joined the Class A Boxsters. Matthew Harris became a rival for Andy Baker in the Production Boxsters - he was a total novice, so a brave man to pick Cadwell for this first race. And Jason Wood, proprietor of PDC (Pip and Gavin's main sponsor) joined the 924 to take their numbers above the half-points threshold; he is yet another graduate of Classic Stock Hatch.

Qualifying took place in the cold, wind and threatening rain but was incident free, except for the odd spin (Andy Porter). Andy Pritchard, having worked on his car since his Oulton Park debut, failed the noise test but passed after resubmitting the car. As there was a large difference in lap times between the fastest 924s and the two Production Boxsters, it was decided to amend the grid on safety grounds, with the B class Boxsters starting at the back. Ed Hayes landed the Class A pole ahead of Adam Southgate and Richard Avery; Pip Hammond was to once again lead the 924s away with Ryan Lowry and returnee Peter Smith third. Andy Baker would lead the Production Boxsters ahead of newbie Matthew Harris, although he wasn't to be the last man.

Race 1
Ed Hayes makes a good start, Adam Southgate goes from P2 to P3 as Richard Avery jumps up a place off the line. Garry Lawrence has a spin while 4th. Alex Stocker, Nick Hull and Kevin Molyneaux have a good close dice and are caught by Andy Porter to make a 4 car train. Hull gets past Scocker while Molyneaux falls back. Andy Porter gets past Alex Stocker.

Pip Hammond is away from the 924 pole position and although initially trailed closely chased by Ryan Lowry, he eventually pulls away and never looses the front spot. Pete Smith is 3rd and going very well, followed by Gavin Johnson. Originally they were behind Phil Churchill in a Boxster, but Pete gets past.

Adam Southgate now gets past Richard Avery for 2nd and is chasing down Ed Hayes at the front. But a shower of rain arrives and the track suddenly gets slippery, and everyone sensibly eases off.

Andy Pritchard and Jason Stone have a good dice at the back of the 924s, having both been overtaken by the Class B Boxsters. At the finish its Hammond from Lowry and Peter Smith taking his first podium of the year in third - way better than his performance at Oulton. Andy Baker finishes ahead of Matt Harris in Class B, but Harris grabs the fastest lap point.

The final result in Class A matches qualifying with Ed Hayes taking the win ahead of Adam Southgate and Richard Avery. And for the third time this year, fastest lap records have fallen with Ed Hayes more than a second quicker than Rick Styrin's qualifying time from 2013; and Pip Hammond is 2.5 seconds quicker than Simon Hawksley's existing record, set the same season.

Race 2
Overcast and chilly again, but no rain and a bit less windy than Saturday. All cars survived yesterday OK, and all present for Race 2.

There was 100% takup of #BillyWizz stickers from all drivers, supporting the recovery of F4 racer Billy Monger who lost his lower legs in an horific crash at Donington recently. Most cars had stickers on them for the race.

At the lights there's a good start from Adam Southgate up from P2 and into lead. Hayes looses 2nd too as Richard Avery moves up to chase Southgate. Kevin Molyneaux is an early retirement with an electrical failure.

Pip Hammond is like a March Hare off the line and disappears into the distance, chasing the slower Class A cars. Ryan Lowry gets settled in to P2, while Pete Smith and Gavin Johnson are temporarily stuck behind Phil Churchill's Boxster.

In Class B, Andy Baker and Matt Harris again start at the back; both are soon past Pritchard and Wood's 924s, and then Baker pulls away into a lead. Harris gest quicker and quicker, and starts to catch Andy and although not quick enough to win, again gets the fastest lap point and sets a new Class B record.

Garry Lawrence battles Nick Hull and passes while Andy Porter chases Alex Stocker in some very close racing.

Johnson gets past Smith in the 924s; Andy Pritchard and Jason Stone are have a good dice at the back, but then Stone spins and Pritchard pulls clear.

Hayes is now past Avery into P2 and we have 3 cars nose-to-tail in line for the Class A lead. Lawrence finds more pace and starts to catch the front three, leaving Hull to drop back a bit. Hayes couldn't get any closter to Southgate but just can't get past and now we've got 1,2,3,4 in line astern.
Lawrence has a moment chasing P3 and loses his front bumper. After that there are no more major incidents, but cars are circulating in close proximity and look amazing!

At the flag, its Adam Southgate breaking Ed Hayes' domination of the Class A top step with his first win of the year with Avery third and taking both fastest lap and setting a new Class A record for the circuit. Hammond the clear winner in 924s, setting yet another lap record, ahead of Ryan Lowry and Gavin Johnson.

All in all an eventful race with lots of action and all cars finishing except for Kevin Molyneaux.

Words: John Broadley; photo: Jon Elsey


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