Make Mine a Fosters


Make Mine a Fosters

As the Toyo BRSCC Porsche Championship heads to Oulton Park for the first round of 2015, new driver Jamie Callender works feverishly to finish the 924 (pictured) that he will be racing in his rookie year. Jamie's day job is with JMG Porsche, an independant specialist in Ferndown, Dorset built on a foundation of three generations of Porsche experience stretching back to the early 1970s. Jamie has worked at JMG since leaving school almost a decade ago and was trained by manager Jon Mitchell from the ground up as a qualified level three (advanced) technician. Now building his own Porsche race car, sponsored by JMG Porsche, Jamie is at last able to use some of the fruits of his learning over these years for his personal benefit.

The Fosters variant of the popular Cheshire circuit isn't new to just Jamie - in fact of the current drivers, only Alastair Kirkham has raced it before. A cut-through at the bottom of downhill 'The Avenue' guides the cars into the intriguingly-named Knickerbrook corner (allegedly named when a famous explosives demolition expert frightening a couple of polish refugees at an in-opportune moment) thus bypassing both the Shell hairpin and the chicanes, resulting in a much shorter and free-flowing circuit.

All racing takes place on Saturday and we're on track at 11:30 and 15:25 for our two 20-minute sprint races, backed up with Formula Fords and Minis galore. Please do join us - you'll be very welcome!

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