Boxster Production Class for 2012


‘Porsche Boxster Production Class’ confirmed for the 2012 Porsche Championship

The PDA is delighted to announce that 2012 will see the introduction of an additional class to the Championship, which will fit neatly between the current Porsche 924 and the Porsche Boxster classes, both in terms of performance and budget.

The new class is provisionally called the ‘Boxster Production Class’and will be just what it says on the tin. Eligible cars will be 3.2S models and in virtually standard road going specification in terms of engine, wheels and suspension. Full regulations and allowable modifications are currently being finalised with the MSA, but current thinking is as follows:

·         Standard Porsche 17” alloy wheels

·         Tyres limited to an agreed number of sets of Toyo 17” for the season

·         Standard Porsche Springs & Dampers

·         Standard exhaust system

·         Standard air filter

·         Reduced strip out required compared to full race spec models (a minimum weight will be agreed)

·         Standard roll cage (competitive Championship cost currently being negotiated for supply and fitting)

·         Race seat, harness & fire extinguisher mandatory

·         Hard top mandatory

·         Production Class cars will be identified by two 5inch wide white stripes across the roof and white wing mirrors.  They will also have different sun strip  on the front and a different name strip format on the rear.

Dependent on donor car cost, initial estimates suggest that a ready to race Production Class Boxster should cost circa £10,000 plus labour. The cars will also be easily upgraded to the full race spec Boxster, should the racer’s budget allow for subsequent seasons.

Full specifications will be available by the end of November, subject to MSA approval to enable interested parties to source cars, conversion parts and sponsorship well in time for the new season.

IMPORTANT NOTE - The new class WILL NOT BE replacing either of the current Boxster or 924 classes, which will both continue to be promoted for 2012. Rather, it will be a natural progression for 924 drivers wanting to move up, and a great option for newcomers from other racing series wanting to go Porsche racing, without having to find larger budgets required for full blown Boxsters. The PDA hope to have a new Production Class car on display at the Autosport Show in January, further details will be published when available.

In the meantime, any interested parties should contact Championship Boxster Representative Nick Hull for further details: 07967 315897 or

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