PDA Drivers tackle Race of Remembrance


PDA Drivers tackle Race of Remembrance

A team of four 924s entered this year's Race of Rememberance at Anglesey.

Competing as a relay entry, all four team members were current or ex-PDA drivers. The youngest of the squad was 2018 champion Gavin Johnson; then we had Alastair Kirkham, who nows lives on Anglesey and who won Class C in both 2012 and 2013; alongside 'transaxle expert' Karl Rossin and 'silver fox' Philip Waters. Our Champsionship Coordinator John Broadley, as well as a number of regular team and family members were present to lend a helping hand over the weekend.

The annual Race of Remembrance commemorates the sacrifices made by service personnel and their families, this year's event marking the 100th Anniversary of the end of the First World War. The format of the race is unique. All drivers have to take part in both day and night qualifying sessions and for some, its their first experience of racing in the dark. The 12 hours of racing is split into three: 6 hours on the Saturday and two sessions of 1h45 and 4h15 either side of Sunday's remembrance service.

After an oil leak issue which led to the retirement of Johnson's car - he then shared Kirkham's car - the team finished 25th overall (from 46 starters) and 3rd in class - more impressive when you consider these 924s were the oldest cars on the grid.

The team were particularly grateful for the sponsorship they received from Toyo. Johnson also thanked the support team, "we had a lot of help from family, friends, other PDA drivers etc. Lots of people made it the success it was".

To find out more about the Race of Remembrance, visit the website http://www.raceofremembrance.com

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