Southgate's Class A Title Nearly Sets a Record


Southgate's Class A Title Nearly Sets a Record

Adam Southgate had already sealed a win for himself as the Class A Race Boxster champion for 2018 before we headed to Donington for our final races.

If you think you recognise him from many years ago that's because his seasons of racing in the Porsche Boxster weren't his first with the PDA. "I am absolutely thrilled to be the BRSCC Porsche Boxster champion", said Adam on Facebook. "For me, this has been a journey that started in 2005, building a 924 racing car in an old barn with some uni mates. Through 'Black Camel Racing' I met my now wife Sarah, and together we tried and failed to race a 924 on a shoestring."

He then disappared from the Porsche racing scene to take up more domestic matters, "After a few years trying, we gave up to buy a house, and I wasn't sure I'd return to racing or this Championship. Then, in 2014, we decided to test a Boxster. Adam Croft was selling his, and after a test at Rockingham I was hooked."

Having landed podiums in almost every race across the season - amassing 16 wins, two 2nds and two 3rds, finising the year a massive 115 points ahead of his nearest rival, James Coleman - it wasn't until Donington that the wheels came off (not literally). He described his performance at the closing round as "not quite the weekend I was hoping for. In the lead of the first race by 5 seconds when the gear lever broke in half, and the weekend went downhill from there!"

In the knowledge the championship was safely in the bag, Adam's team skipped the final race and produced winners' T-shirts and everyone in the team wore them for a celebration photo on the Sunday afternoon. "I have to thank Sarah and her wonderful parents Andrea and Martin, who have been the best pit crew imaginable, putting up with my moods and learning to prepare the car to the best standards. I have to thank my family for coming and supporting me over the years, and I have to thank everyone that has been involved in the Porsche Championship from 2005 to 2018 for making it the best series in the UK."

It might not be over yet for the Southgate crew. Of his achievement this year he added "with 16 wins I missed Richard [Styrin]'s record by 1" which leaves us with the suspicion that he might return next season to make PDA history.

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