2018 Class C Winner Gavin Johnson


2018 Class C Winner Gavin Johnson

Gavin is one of a growing number of drivers who have "graduated" to us from the 750MC Stock Hatch championship. They include team-mate and last season's winner Pip Hammond, meaning it was back-to-back wins for PDC Racing's drivers - and hope for the other drivers who have dabbled with 924 racing this season. "We are a team that has won 4 seperate championships in the last 2 years and continues to grow with 8 drivers racing".

Gavin has taken inspiration from other drivers and from those who support the PDA through the season. "Pip Hammond - thank you for teaching me how to drive and not loosing faith back in 2016 - and from him, I learnt from the best. To (mechanic and part-time racer) Esther Quaintmere for the countless hours worked on the car to make it the champion it is, to David Sheakey and Ian Gribben for their commitment to the 2017 and 2018 campaigns and dealing with my ups and downs, to (past champion) Linda Warren (and husband Guy) for telling me to hit my marks and giving me a heads up on the pressures of winning, to Tony "Tyres" Mekwinski for telling me to be a champion not a race winner, to (Tony's wife) Carmen for all the cups of tea, to Karl Rossin and Roger for all of his help and support at the back end of 2018, to Andy Pritchard for being a good friend to me and the family, and to Philip Waters for the chats".

And of course he has words for family too "Thanks to my dad (and Barb) who was always there to tell me to slow down - but let me know he knew I could do it if I wanted to, to my mum for all the cheering and shouting in the stands, and to the kids for coming to Daddy's races and Claire for managing them and believing in me".

Gavin says of the team "What an incredible group of people to be around". He thanked the team's sponsors and partners - SR Electrical Wholesalers Ltd, Howdens Joinery, Pin Gin and Toyo Tires - who helped him achieve his final podium tally for 2018 of 14 wins, 4 second places and a single third. His overall points score was limited not by lack of results but by disappointing numbers on the 924s grid - only two out of eight rounds saw the drives receive full points. Perhaps more importantly, Gavin set 4 new lap records from the 8 circuits visited proving the pace they had in the car. "We are a team that has now won 4 seperate championships in the last 2 years and continues to grow with 8 drivers racing."

As with this year's Class A winner Adam Southgate, Gavin's dropped scores were mostly zeros - a result of non-finishes rather than results off the podium or off the pace. But unlike Adam, Gavin had to wait until the final race of the season to be certain of overall victory, 2nd place driver Hugh Peart finishing a mere 20.5 points behind. A DNF in any of the Donington races would have allowed Hugh to snatch the title.

As of winning the Class C title for 2018 "I'm very lucky and grateful to have the support I have had and am overwhelmed to have won the Championship" he says. "I never saw myself racing Porsches in the late 80s / early 90s when I used to go to Oulton Park to watch racing with my Dad. It was an aspiration too far - racing cars wasn't what "normal" people did as I grew up, so to have raced with a great team and friends and then winning means a lot to me". As for next season, Gavin says "I can't wait for 2019". We'd be thrilled to have him back to defend his title.

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