Team PDC Are Back!


Team PDC Are Back!

Class C Champions PDC Racing are back to contest the 2018 season with some new drivers but no Pip Hammond!
Dominant 924 Champion Hammond may return for Ad Hoc rounds but wont campaign a full season this year.  2nd Place in the championship and team mate to Hammond is Gavin Johnson who has committed to a full campaign.
The PDC stable is bolstered by two new drivers, both novices in the shape of Ian Gribben and David Sheakey, both from Cheshire. Gribben has limited track experience as does Sheakey who instructs for Supercar Drive days.  Both drivers will enter Round 1 at Oulton Park and are expected to be out at various other rounds throughout the season.  We look forward to giving them a warm welcome.
PDCs Novice Champion and occasional Porsche Racer, Jason Wood is not expected to race this season as he campaigns in a full season in another championship.  PDC Engineer Esther Quaintmere is considering the championship as potential opportunity to further her racing experience after her debut outing in another championship at Silverstone in 2017.
PDC retain Title Sponsorship of the team and expect to be visible in at least 3 national championships this year.

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