PDA Fundraises for Cancer Sufferer


PDA Fundraises for Cancer Sufferer

For the past two seasons, the drivers and teams of the Porsche Drivers' Association have made contributions to a variety of charities, often those to whom we have a personal connection. PDA chairman Nick Hull has known Dawn Watts, a former nurse at York Hospital A&E, since their school days. Dawn suffers from an agressive form of breast cancer and has already seen the full range of traditional treatments including both chemotherapy and radiotherapy in order to control the disease as best as they can. As is often the case, the side effects from the treatment can be as debilitating as the disease itself.

Last September it was discovered that the cancer had spread to her liver; she also developed Acute Pancreatitis and required more surgery to remove her gall bladder, again arising from a side effect of her treatment. She has now developed a tumour behind her left eye and is receiving urgent treatment for that.

Over the years since her initial diagnosis she has raised an incredible £32,500 for others through various events, but now its time to raise money for her - so that she can attend a clinic in Spain offering bespoke treatment aimed at empowering her own immune system to help tackle her cancer. Toyo Tires UK have kindly donated a set of R888R road-legal race tyres that the PDA will auction off.

Her Compassionate Crowdfunding web page is at:

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