PDA Welcome the PDC Racing Family


PDA Welcome the PDC Racing Family

Standing for 'Power Distribution Control', PDC are a close-knit gang of race enthusiats including Pip Hammond, Gavin Johnson, Jason Wood and Esther Bruce (pictured with Pip).

Pip and Gavin will return to our Class C grid in their 924s for the 2017 season, as well as continuing to race a Vauxhall Nova in 750MC's Classic Stock Hatch Championship. Meanwhile Esther will mechanic for the team having bought a road-going 924 and with an aim to take part in some races this season too - excellent training as part of her PhD in mechanical engineering (to add to the Masters she already has) and having been inspired by Linda Warren's class win last season. Linda's green 924 from the 2015 season will be one of the cars in the PDC team.

Also attending our meetings will be Gavin's 5-year-old daughter and Jason's 13 year old daughter, who is already keen to get more involved in motorsport.

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