PDA Porsches Help Celebrate 924 Anniversary


PDA Porsches Help Celebrate 924 Anniversary

Two of the Porsche Championship 924 race cars attended today's 40th anniversary celebration of the UK launch of the 924 model at the Porsche Experience Centre at Silverstone, hosted by the 924 Owners' Club - also celebrating their 10th anniversary this year. Active club member Karl Rossin, his car carrying the three trophies he won at Rockingham last weekend, was joined by that of Philip Waters, who like Karl, is competing in only selected rounds this season.

The 924 was the first of Porsche's "transaxle" models - cars with the engine at the front and gearbox at the rear, connected by a drive shaft. This Transaxle setup provides a perfect (front-to-rear) weight-distribution and is one reason why the 924 is such a joy to drive on track. The Transaxle models both helped Porsche to survive through financially difficult years and contributed to their image of the German premium sportscar manufacturer.

The PDA is home to the longest running single-marque 924 racing in the UK. Created by the inimitable Jeff May in 1991, the running of the Championship was later successfully taken over by Ernie Cheetham, whose race car preparation business, Lodge Sports, probably worked on every 924 ever raced in the UK at one time or another. Boxsters joined their grid in 2010 to help secure the future of the championship but even today, 924 numbers often match those of Boxsters.

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