PDA Charity Total Exceeds £1000 for CMT UK


PDA Charity Total Exceeds £1000

The BRSCC Porsche Championship have already raised over £1000 for their officially adopted charity, CMT United Kingdom. Drivers volunteered to carry stickers on their race cars which raised £400. And the raffle prize draw that we held at our Brands Hatch round - with prizes very kindly donated by some of our sponsor and even some of our drivers - brought in another £760 plus a £100 direct donation.

Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease is a genetic condition that damages peripheral nerves, which are responsible for passing on commands from the brain to the muscles. Because of this nerve damage, people with CMT may find that some of their muscles become slowly weaker over the years, particularly in their feet and hands. In the UK, around 25,000 people are thought to have CMT, making it the most common inherited neurological condition.

You can find out more about our adopted charity at their website http://cmt.org.uk

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