Briggs Helping Flegg Boys to Handle Better


Briggs Equipment helping Flegg Boys to Handle Better

Championship stalwarts Jayson Flegg and Mark Marshall are proud to announce a sponsor partnership with materials handling specialists’ Briggs Equipment.

Briggs Equipment is dedicated to providing the best service and support in the materials handling industry. As the UK distributor of Hyster and Yale Materials Handling equipment, their products offer outstanding quality and productivity. Forklifts are available in a full range of capacities, across a wide range of applications.

Both Flegg cars will be carrying the Briggs logo throughout the 2015 season and the team are very much looking to working with their new partners and raising the awareness of the Briggs brand throughout the year.

Flegg Projects have several Hyster forklifts on their own fleet and are happy with the reliability of the equipment. Briggs offer an all-inclusive package meaning that the headache of arranging the regular maintenance and inspections are all taken care of and in the unlikely event of a breakdown Briggs skilled engineers are only a phone call away.

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