Toyo Porsche Championship - 2017

Matthew Harris

Matthew Harris

Production Boxster: Car Number 99

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This will be my first season racing and I am hugely excited. This is something or a childhood dream and cannot wait to complete my first race!

I acquired my hunger for racing from my childhood of competitively racing RC cars, however a part itme job at a large supermarket wasn't going to fund a racing team. Several years on I have spent the house deposit to compete in the hopefully "cost effective Porsche racing series". The team Me, Myself and Mother are very much new to the world of motorsport but have received a warm and friendly welcome from all we have meet.

Achievements and Goals


Teng Tools have been great in sponsoring us and getting us equipped with all the tools we have needed.

Championship Standings

  Driver Points
1 Ed Hayes 182.0
2 Adam Southgate 164.0
3 Richard Avery 147.0
  Driver Points
1 Andy Baker 94.5
2 Matthew Harris 59.5
  Driver Points
1 Pip Hammond 182.0
2 Gavin Johnson 157.0
3 Ryan Lowry 142.0

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Next race

Castle Combe - 15th / 16th July 2017