Championship History

A history of the Porsche Championship

The current ‘Porsche Championship’ featuring two classes for the Porsche Boxster 3.2S and the Porsche 924, was created in 2010, as a logical development of what was previously the ‘Porsche 924 Championship’. The Porsche 924 Championship was one of the most successful one make championships in the UK for nearly two decades, with regular grid sizes of 40+ cars at its peak, racing at some of the most prestigious circuits in the UK.

Created by the inimitable Jeff May in 1991, the running of the Championship was later successfully taken over by Ernie Cheetham, whose race car preparation business, Lodge Sports, probably worked on every 924 ever raced in the UK at one time or another!

In order to secure the long term future of the Championship, it was decided in 2009 to introduce the Race Spec Boxster class to run alongside the classic 924 for 2010, and then the Production Spec Boxster Class was added in 2012, providing progression opportunities for drivers, whilst maintaining the long held ethos of ‘cost effective Porsche racing’.

Over the years, numerous drivers who cut their racing teeth in the Porsche 924 Championship went on to further success in other national and international Championships, and it continues to be a great proving ground for aspirational race drivers.

Past Champions - Roll of Honour

Year Race Boxster Production Boxster Porsche 924
2017 Ed Hayes Andy Baker Pip Hammond
2016 Rick Styrin Andy Baker Linda Warren
2015 Ed Hayes Michael Goodacre Adam Croft
2014 Jonathan Greensmith Jayson Flegg Simon Hawksley
2013 Rick Styrin Rebecca Jackson Alastair Kirkham
2012 Rick Styrin Steve Potts Alastair Kirkham
2011 Dave Clark Steve Brown
2010 Dave Clark Andrew Hannington
2009 Will Penrose
2008 Matt Davies
2007 Graham Heard
2006 Gary Duckman
2005 Steve Cheetham
2004 Chris Milne
2003 James Neal
2002 Ryan Hooker
2001 Keith Penman
2000 Mark McAleer
1999 Mark McAleer
1998 Tony Brown
1997 Nick Adams
1996 Gerry Taylor
1995 Paul Stephens
1994 Michael Neuhoff
1993 Richard Lloyd
1992 Remy Bopp

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